Striving for the Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Our CS Philosophy

We provide better services in more comfortable and pleasant manners.

ACOM strives for maximum customer satisfaction. To this end, we utilize all forms of feedback, suggestions and requests from our customers in making improvements through CS programs in line with our corporate and CS philosophies.

Brief Introductions of Each Activity

Promoting CS Oriented Management

CS Oriented Management Promotion Meetings

ACOM does not regard its customers as a group, but pays specific attention to each and every customer, instead. To discuss measures and structures necessary to promote CS Management that provides supreme and authentic customer satisfaction, ACOM regularly holds CS Management Promotion Meetings, chaired by the president.

CS Award Ceremonies

Presentation Conventions to Promote CS Oriented Management

ACOM holds "CS Award Ceremonies." These ceremonies are held to: foster a corporate culture in which each employee engages in and improves CS oriented communications through "realization;" to earn trust of and satisfy customers; and to further proliferate "The Spirit of Foundation" and "Corporate Philosophy."

Employees representing each department share their daily CS experiences by presenting "Proposals for CS Improvement," and "First-hand CS Experiences" in addition to "CS Communication Role Playing Exercises."

CS Promotion Staffs

ACOM is committed to attain organizations wherein all employees act on their own to further promote CS activities. Therefore, every department that has contacts with customers assigns staffs in charge of CS promotion. These staffs hold meetings to share their activities to stimulate mutual improvement.

CS Training Programs

ACOM strives to highten employees' "CS awareness" through in-office trainings such as viewing CS-related DVDs and e-learnings.

Customer Service Standards

ACOM is committed to ongoing improvement and enhancement of customer service standards in order to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of each and every customer. To this end, we actively pursue internal initiatives such as customer service competitions, call monitoring and operator training programs.

CS Quick Processing System

ACOM is aware that every employee "needs to act flexibly to provide authentic and supreme customer satisfaction at any occasion of customer contacts". Therefore, ACOM has empowerment system that enables employees to act flexibly to materialize "Customer First".

Declaration of compliance with ISO10002 international standard for complaint management systems

The ACOM complaints management system is operated in accordance with the stipulations of the ISO10002 (JISQ10002) international standard (Quality management -- Customer satisfaction -- Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations).

Diverse Channels to Meet Customer Needs

Outlet Network

ACOM has established an outlet network consisting of roughly one thousand staffed outlets and automatic contract machines to meet customer needs. Moreover, our online "Store and ATM Locator" page enables customers to narrow down search results with criterion such as "step-free entrances" and "equipped with writing communication device." Therefore, special and necessary cares are paid to welcome diverse customers.

Enhanced Online Services

Online services via computers, smartphones and cellular phones have been further enhanced. In 2017, our website underwent a fullscale renewal including site design and structure. This renewal enalbed cutomers to customize display based on their preference and needs.

Contact Centers

Our employees at "call centers", "service centers" and "counseling centers" respond to customers inquiries from phone, internet and outlets in both kind and polite manners.

Alliance Network

ACOM has forged diverse alliance that enables customers to make borrowings and/or repayments at convenience stores and ATMs by banks in alliance.

Soliciting Customer Feedback and Improvements

Customer Surveys

ACOM regularly conducts internet-based customer satisfaction surveys to gain valuable feedback on service delivery by ACOM and its competitors. The findings are used to drive further improvement in our services.

Improvements Made from Customer Feedback and Proposed by Employees

All comments, suggestions, inquiries and complaints received from customers via our outlets and call centers is registered in a central database for cross-analysis on a company-wide basis. The results are used to improve our services. Meetings are held on monthly bais to analyze customer feedback (including inquiries, suggestions and complaints), identify key issues with ACOM services, and we plan improvements.

Moreover, when our employees realize items open to improvement and enhancement in our product and services, they can submit proposals via "Proposal Card on CS Improvements" and/or "CS Experience Cards". All these proposals are reviewed by relevant departments to incorporate them into our service improvement.

Improvements made from customer feedback

Reducing Magnetic Strip Errors on ACOM Cards

We started issuing ACOM cards with improved magnetic stripes in order to reduce card malfunctions due to magnetic strip errors.

Diversifying Customer Identity Verification Method through Account Transfer

Some of our customers had difficulty receiving documents via mails. We made it possible to confirm customers’ identity through financial agency information accompanying account transfers. Thereby, we are now capable to complete contracts without issuing cards.

Extending Bank Transfer Service Hours

We extended bank transfer service hours for some financial institutions to better serve customers needing money on weekends and at nighttime.

Improving Online Application Form

We changed names of frequently asked items in our online application form to make it easy to follow.

Other Measures

Strengthening Partnerships with Financial Institutions in Alliance

ACOM holds a meeting with staffs from alliance partners once a year to strengthen partnerships. Participants share initiatives and successful examples in card loan business.

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