Affiliated Associations

As a Member that Contributes to Sound Development of the Industry and the Domestic Economy

ACOM is a member of the Japan Business Federation and various other Affiliated Associations, as part of our commitment to promoting industry best practice and the highest standards of consumer protection.

Japan Business Federation
ACOM was admitted to the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) in November 2002, and is committed to fulfilling the obligations of Keidanren membership in line with our mission in society.
Japan Financial Services Association
The Japan Financial Services Association was established in December 2007 by Cabinet decree with a mandate to encourage best practice among loan providers while protecting the interests of those seeking finance, thereby promoting healthy growth in the loan industry for the benefit of the national economy as a whole.
Japan Consumer Credit Association
Japan Consumer Credit Association was established in April 2009 with approval of Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry with purposes of contributing to the sound development of the Japanese consumer credit industry through ensuring fairness in transactions regulated by Installment Sales Act and related laws ("credit transactions"), proper management of credit businesses and contributing to protection of the consumers' interests and improvement of the living standards.

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