Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

ACOM, based on the spirit of human dignity and in putting customers first,
is contributing to the realization of an enjoyable and affluent personal life,
and to improving lifestyle, through creative and innovative management.

Customers First

Under our spirit of foundation, "Circle of Trust", ACOM sets forth that "Customers first" is the basic philosophy. Based on this, ACOM has been, to date, continuing to progress. "First (Dai-ichigi)"was originally a Buddhist term, and means "the ultimate truth, and precious thing which cannot be explained by reason."

We have a similar expression, "Customers creed". However, this includes our own strongly subjective view and intention. "Customers first" does not includes this. As far as ACOM is concerned, customers are precious, and are god-like - leaving theory aside. This has been expressed in our philosophy.

The Spirit of Human Dignity

This means that we respect the position and privacy of others, as we respect ours - namely, the attitude of "putting ourselves in our customers' shoes." ACOM considers customers not as "customers" but as "individual customers", and promotes CS (customer satisfaction) management to provide each and every person with true satisfaction.

In addition, this philosophy is linked to the spirit of respecting employees, and we have ES (employee satisfaction) activities taken root in our company. This activities started from the standpoint of "employees with the more pride and satisfaction in work, the more sensitive to customers' needs", and is a backbone of CS management.

Creative and Innovative Management

ACOM has courageously challenged something that nobody has done to date: to change the common sense of the industry. We have been cherishing this "Creative and Innovative Management " as a tradition. We are always first to take action. If we take action later than others, waiting and seeing how the first person does, the development we have achieved today would not have been.

The background of this definitely has one common thing. This is that any novel ideas, at any time, are on the premise of "Customers first." The question 'What can we do to satisfy customers' has been a driving force in ACOM's product/ service development. Our biggest rival is not competitor companies, but our changing customers' needs.

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