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Chairman, President & CEO Shigeyoshi Kinoshita
Shigeyoshi Kinoshita
Chairman, President & CEO

ACOM will strive to become "the leading company" in personal loan market which provides prime satisfaction to utmost number of customers and win their trust in return.

The Spirit of Foundation Guides Our Growth

The original company, "Maruito Gofuku Ten", was established in April 1936. Since then, we have been progressing with a long evolutionary history - from a draper to a pawnbroker, and then to the leading company in the consumer finance industry. During all these years, we have been consistently maintaining the spirit of "Circle of trust", which was engendered at the time of our founding. This spirit, which preaches that gratitude is important for people-to-people connection based on mutual trust, is the root of "Affection, COnfidence, and Moderation", the origins of the company name, as well as "Spirit of human dignity", "Customers first", and "Creative and innovative management", which are our corporate philosophy.

Through commitment to its spirit of foundation, “Circle of Trust”, ACOM was able to arrive milestone of the 80th anniversary in April 2016.

Not only will we promote business with a principle to cope with changes and continue endless evolution, but also will we hand down for eternity our everlasting spirit of foundation as the spiritual pillar for all employees.

ACOM, as a member of the MUFG Group

ACOM became a consolidated subsidiary of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) in December 2008. Both companies reached a mutual agreement to further strengthen and develop the scheme of strategic business/capital alliance, which had been concluded with Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group, a predecessor of MUFG in March 2004. This resulted in the establishment of a rock-solid management base for long-term stable growth.

We will continue to promote close alliance with MUFG group, and will contribute to the sound development of our domestic consumer finance market, as a leading company of consumer finance industry.

Establishing Compliance as Corporate Culture

Practices of concepts and actions based on compliance are positioned as the same notion as our spirit of foundation, and corporate philosophy. In order to earn more trust from society, we will further enhance this compliance, and establish it as corporate culture.

We also have a close alliance with the MUFG group, to, through cooperative work which includes the liaison council, strengthen compliance and the internal control structure.

Strengthening the Brand of "Safety and Trust"

As the “leading company” in consumer finance industry, ACOM aims to foster a brand image of "safety and trust" which is accepted favorably not only by existing markets, but also by society as a whole.

ACOM will fulfill both corporate social responsibilities and duties while striving to materialize a sustainable society.

We will be further conscious of what the society demands us to fulfill. We will strive to become “familiar ACOM” and “harmonious corporate citizen in society” through diverse social contribution activities such as social welfare/regional contribution based on “Corporate Philosophy”, combined with providing supreme products/services.

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