Greetings from President


President & CEO Masataka Kinoshita
Masataka Kinoshita
President & CEO

Aiming at Ever-Higher Levels of Convenience in Markets All Around the World, Guided by Our “Customers First” Philosophy.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continuous patronage to the Group.
Since being appointed President and CEO on June23, 2021, my – and the Company’s – immediate concern has been staying abreast of developments concerning COVID-19, which continues to wreak havoc and has caused unspeakable suffering for many people worldwide, and doing whatever we can to help the world recover.

Building a Foundation for Medium-Term Growth

In addition to the changing demographics caused by declining birthrates and aging populations, changing lifestyles resulting from COVID-19 and increasingly severe competition mean the business environment will likely continue to become more challenging.

We will leverage our long-standing strengths in consumer finance in Japan and abroad and our expertise in centralization of business and other low-cost operations, and will focus on strengthening sales and service capabilities in the Loan and Credit Card Business, and expanding our Guarantee Business and financial business in Asia in collaboration with the MUFG Group. We are also keen to build a foundation for medium-term growth by expanding investments in digitalization such as AI and RPA.

We aim at ever-higher levels of convenience in markets all around the world, guided by our “Customers First” philosophy.

Offering Ever-Higher Levels of Convenience

The core of our business is lending cash, but we know that our customers do not borrow money for the sake of borrowing money. Those funds are a means of achieving their real, underlying need: to buy a coveted item or service. They come to us when they do not have the means of paying for those goods or services at hand.

Regardless of whether the payment is in cash by another, cashless, method, the customer’s desire to enjoy the goods or services remains constant. We aim to grow our legions of loyal fans by continuing to offer ever-higher levels of convenience, as illustrated by our pioneering cashless options, such as credit cards and smartphone apps.

We are mindful of the shift in consumer behavior away from buying at brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping, and will endeavor to expand our services to ensure our customers can choose from a full range of convenient options for shopping in comfort.

For Further Convenience in Markets Worldwide

Today, we operate in Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines, but we are eager to broaden our horizons and seek opportunities in other promising markets where there is potential for us to help consumers access the goods and services they desire.

For Materialization of a Sustainable Society

The Company will continue to promote close alliance with MUFG group and contribute to the sound development of consumer finance market as a leading company of consumer finance industry.

In our business divisions – the Loan and Credit Card Business, Guarantee Business, and Overseas Financial Business – we will harness all our strengths not only to carry out this mission in a way conducive to achieving growth alongside our communities, but also to further solidify our compliance and customer satisfaction foundations and increase our corporate value. At the same time, we will strive to work toward the social issues under the SDGs to contribute for materialization of sustainable society.

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