Compliance Activities in Practice

ACOM regards compliance as one of its most significant management challenges. It has been the forerunner in the industry to thoroughly practice compliance as shown by establishment of "ACOM's Ethical Codes For Business" in 1998.

* "ACOM's Ethical Codes For Business" was overhauled and established anew as "ACOM Group Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct" in 2007.

Compliance Structure

Compliance Department is in place to supervise company-wide practice of compliance. Compliance Department also is in charge of: developing, reviewing and follow-ups of implementation plans with regard to abiding to relevant laws and regulations; establishing, updating and dissemination of compliance handbook which summarizes laws and regulations employees must abide by; awareness raising through implementation of various training courses; in addition to, responding to reports and requests for consultations from employees made to Ethics Hotline.

"Compliance Offices" are placed in Credit Business Promotion Division and Credit Supervision Division. These offices collaborate with Compliance Department to enforce more task-relevant compliance practices on sites.

Moreover, we aim to ensure the effectiveness of compliance practices by following measure. We have established a "Compliance Committee" in which majority of members is external experts. The committee discusses material items necessary to maintain and enforce compliance structure.

As outlined above, ACOM is in continuous challenge to strengthen structure to establish a corporate culture that emphasizes compliance while further improving each and every employee's awareness.

  • ACOM Group Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
    ACOM Group Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
  • Compliance Handbook for Employees
    Compliance Handbook for Employees

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