The Spirit of Foundation/Origins of the Company Name

The Spirit of Foundation, "Circle of Trust"

The Founder Masao Kinoshita (now deceased)

ACOM's management philosophy is based on the mutual trust; "Trust others" and "Win the trust of others". Our founder, who started business as a draper, embodied this philosophy in his "Circle of Trust", and recalled in his memoir, "Zuien":

"Business should be a method of offering profits to the supplier, and offering profits that encourage consumers to become regular customers, while obtaining profits. Although this theory is quite simple, everyone has a difficult time putting this into practice. To do this, we must devote ourselves to this theory, and put this into practice with conviction. "

He governed himself by making the three points given below principles, as confidence is built through every effort.

Circle of Trust 1. Do the right procedures as a merchant 2. Choose new methods 3. Constantly keep up effort

The principles that have greatly influenced ACOM's innovation.
(From fifty years' history of Maruito and the ACOM Group)

Origins of the Company Name

ACOM's company name came from the first letters of "Affection", "Confidence", and "Moderation."

Affection represents "a cordial and warm relationship, putting ourselves in customers' shoes". Confidence represents the behavioral guideline of "building a better relationship of confidence with customers", which has been handed down with the spirit of "Trusting customers" since the business's foundation.

Moderation represents "a moderate corporate attitude which exists soundly in customers' lives", with the hope of being highly regarded and recognized, as a community-based company.

ACOM logo

This logo, which is also the capital letter of 'ACOM', symbolizes the spirit of foundation, the "Circle of Trust", and also expresses ACOM's unlimited expansiveness - which, like the vast universe, is uninterrupted in a gently broadening circular arc.

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