Provide financial services that put the customers first

At the endpoints of the customer’s funding needs are ideas like “I want to get the goods I like” and “I want to use that service.” We provide safe and secure financial services that match those feelings in our customers. We recognize that the ACOM Group’s financial services play an important role in supporting the Asian economy, centered on ASEAN, as well as in Japan, and we carry out our social mission on that basis.

SDGs Items

Main Activities and Initiatives

Main Activities Targets and Initiatives for Each Activities
Promoting CS(customer satisfaction) Oriented Management Improvement of CS (customer satisfaction) mindset
Efficient and effective implementation of customer attraction Aim to achieve a loan and credit card business receivables of 984.2 billion yen and 780 thousand new loans by the end of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2025
Supporting regional revitalization through Guarantee Business Aim to achieve a consolidated guarantee balance of 1,319.4 billion yen as of the end of March 2025 by expanding new guarantee tie-ups and revitalizing existing tie-ups
Contribution to the Asian economy, especially ASEAN 203.8 billion yen in overseas financial business receivables by the end of fiscal year ending March 31, 2025 and expansion into new countries
Reflection of customer feedback Continued implementation improvement activities based on Proposal Card on CS Improvements and customer feedback review meetings

Introduction of Activities

Stimulating local economies through the Guarantee Business

The ACOM Group provides loan guarantees to customers who use the card loan products marketed by partner financial institutions, such as MUFG Bank and leading regional banks. Other than offering the expertise we have built up in our loan business, we provide attentive support that is tailored to the circumstances and needs of each financial institution.
Local economies are beset by various issues, such as declining birthrate and aging population, and population outflow. We join forces with each financial institution to achieve growth in card loan products and meet customer needs in wide-ranging regions, contributing to stimulus for local economies.

Contributing to economic progress in ASEAN through our Overseas Financial Business

Contributing to economic progress in ASEAN through our Overseas Financial Business

The ACOM Group operates loan business in Thailand and the Philippines, playing an important role in supporting ASEAN economies.
ASEAN is achieving rapid economic progress, but its challenges include many people who lack access to financial services because they do not have bank accounts or credit cards. The ACOM Group provides services to a broad range of customers, meeting their needs and thereby contributing to economic progress in ASEAN.

Our CS Philosophy

We provide better services in more comfortable and pleasant manners.

Promoting CS Oriented Management

CS Award Ceremonies

CS Award Ceremonies

We organize the CS Award to foster a culture of practice and study of CS based on awareness, aiming to further instill our founding spirit and corporate philosophy. In the CS Award, employees picked in the four divisions in the table below present examples of their everyday efforts and their results. In FY2022, we held the event in person for the first time in three years with the subsiding of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Program Name Overview
CS Card Presentation Presentations by employees selected as winners of the Award for Excellence and Superior Award in each of the CS Experience Cards and Proposal Card on CS Improvements categories
CS Response Presentation Sharing of customer service logs where customer-facing department employees successfully practiced the principle of putting the customer first
ACOM Vision x CS Award Presentation of vision-related efforts by employees from departments responsible for each stakeholder

Improvements Made from Customer Feedback and Proposed by Employees

All comments, suggestions, inquiries and complaints received from customers via our call centers is registered in a central database for cross-analysis on a company-wide basis. The results are used to improve our services. Meetings are held on monthly basis to analyze customer feedback (including inquiries, suggestions and complaints), identify key issues with our services, and we plan improvements.
Moreover, when our employees realize items open to improvement and enhancement in our product and services, they can submit proposals via “Proposal Card on CS Improvements” and/or “CS Experience Cards”. All these proposals are reviewed by relevant departments to incorporate them into our service improvement.

Improvements made from customer feedback

  • We changed transfer loan unit for application coming via online channels from 10,000 yen to 1 yen.
  • According to customer feedback and in-house testing, we modified member website and application.
  • In order to enable customers understand our products and services easily and apply for them at ease, we make use of distributing animation for explanation using friendly characters on our website and at automatic contract machine.

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