Promote Environment-Friendly Corporate Activities

Environment Policy

In recent years, environmental problems such as global warming have become more serious, and companies are required to take environment-friendly measures such as reducing greenhouse gases including CO₂. As a member of society, we will not only make effective use of limited resources and reduce the environmental impact of our corporate activities, but also actively engage in environmental preservation activities as part of our social contribution activities.

  • We will promote environment-friendly corporate activities and strive to reduce social environmental risks.
  • We will comply with environment-related laws and regulations, and actively meet requests from society.
  • We will understand and verify the impact of our corporate activities on the environment and strive for continuous improvement.
  • We will endeavor to ensure that our employees understand this policy and to educate them about the environment.
  • We will make this policy public through our website and disclose it widely outside the company.

SDGs Items


Main Activities and Initiatives

Main Activities Targets and Initiatives for Each Activities
Continued implementation of “green purchasing,” selecting and purchasing items with the least environmental impact possible Promote the purchase of low-impact products by taking environmental impact into consideration when purchasing goods
Introduction of renewable energy Switch to renewable energy sources for power consumption by the end of FY March 31, 2023
Net-zero GHG emissions for the company Net-zero GHG emmisions for the company by 2030
More Energy-efficient ATMs and Electric Signage, etc. Decrease 1% per-unit energy use compared to the previous year
Community Clean-ups Participate in cleanup activities held in the areas where our company is located
Forest Conservation The “ACOM Forest” Forest Conservation Program

Introduction of Activities

Introduction of renewable energy

In response to the growing demand for environmentally friendly corporate activities, such as reducing CO₂ emissions and other greenhouse gases, we are introducing renewable energy sources. By the end of June 2022, we had switched to renewable energy at all of our 3 large sites and 630 automated contracting machines, all of which are under contract with us. We will continue to promote environmentally friendly corporate activities and strive to reduce environmental risks to society.

The implementation of cardless transaction functions

The implementation of cardless transaction functions

With the deepening severity of climate change and other environmental issues, we are working to reduce the environmental loads imposed by our products and services.
We updated our official smartphone app in October 2021. The update allows the customer to issue their credit card as a virtual card on the app, so they can enjoy cardless shopping. For card loans, they can use the app to read a QR code displayed on a Seven Bank ATM to withdraw and deposit money there without needing a card. This function helps to reduce plastic usage.
We will go on working to suppress the use of limited resources at the same time as we raise convenience for the customer.

Support for Paperless Operation

By putting some of the documents we send to our customers into paperless (electronic) form, we suppress the use of limited resources at the same time as we increase convenience for the customer. Customers who want to receive issued documents in electronic form can download contract-related documents and transaction-related statements from the members’ site.
Within the company, we are working on switching to electronic forms for various application procedures, salary statements, in-house magazines, contracts agreed with business partners, and the like, reducing our use of resources. We are also promoting paperless operation of our various meeting bodies, for the sake of efficient meeting operation and environmental protection.

The “ACOM Forest” Forest Conservation Program

The “ACOM Forest” Forest Conservation Program

We began our “ACOM Forest” forest conservation program for purposes such as cutting greenhouse gas emissions and preserving biodiversity. We have signed agreements in Kanagawa and Osaka prefectures, the sites of our Contact Centers, using the Company forestry support system.
This activity contributes to the development and conservation of sound forests, through tree thinning, branch lopping, and other work by employee volunteers. In June 2022, around 20 of our employees were lopping branches in Kanagawa Prefecture.
In FY 2022, we held 4 activity events in total in Kanagawa and Osaka with a cumulative total of 75 employee volunteers. In Kanagawa, activities mainly include pruning branches and thinning trees, and in Osaka, we are clearing underbrush and planting trees.

Reducing Electricity Consumption of ATMs and Illumination Signboards

As a part of initiatives to prevent global warming, energy saving models and/or modes are used at ATMs installed at outlets. Moreover, some of our illumination signboards have installed LED. Therefore, we attempt to reduce CO₂ emission and electricity consumption. Furthermore, we prioritize energy efficiency when we consider and implement replacement and/or introduction of air conditioners and office equipment.

CO₂ Emission(Scope 1 and 2)
FY 2020 FY 2021 FY 2022
t-CO₂ 9,061 8,250 3,397

*Method of calculation changed from FY2022

Participating in Local Cleaning Projects

Participating in Local Cleaning Projects

Employees participate in local cleanings projects of surrounding areas of bases to deepen communication with locals and keep towns clean.
100 cumulative employees participated in cleanup activities in Tokyo’s Minato, Chiyoda and Chuo Wards, as well as Yokohama City in FY 2022.

Cleanup Events in FY 2022
Minato Ward Clean Campaign: A Town with Zero Smoking on the Streets!
Chiyoda Ward Chiyoda Ward Cleanup Day
Chuo Ward Green Day on the Street Corner
Yokohama City Hama Road Activities

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