For Employees

We will enhance employee satisfaction ("ES") as it is our belief that enhancing ES leads to heightened customer satisfaction and consequently to enhanced corporate value in being.

Brief Introductions of Each Activity

Offering an Open Workplace

Thorough Mutual Communication

We strive to foster an open workplace culture through coaching method and enhancing mutual communication among employees.

Contact Points

We have both internal and external contact points to deal with employees' reports on possible violation of compliance, and concerns and complaints regarding harassments and workplace environments.


On April 17, 2020, ACOM registered its internal contact point, “Ethics Hotline”, under self-declaration system* of “Whistleblowing Compliance Management System” by Consumer Affairs Agency.

*. The self-declaration system requires companies to evaluate their own whistleblowing programs before application. Programs are registered if designated registration organization confirms that they meet certification standards set forth by Consumer Affairs Agency.

Improving from Employee Satisfaction Survey Results

ACOM conducts "Employee Satisfaction Surveys" to grasp employees' attitudes toward their tasks and workplace environments. The results from these surveys are utilized to plan and promote measures to further enhance ES.

Executing ES Enhancement Programs

Each department plans and executes various programs to enhance ES based on the survey results.

Developing Human Resources

Broadening Range of Training Programs

ACOM provides a range of training programs including on-the-job training (OJT), level-based training and selective training courses predicated on the company philosophies of putting the customer first, encouraging change and innovation, and showing respect for others.

Supporting Self-development

ACOM actively supports the independent efforts of employees keen to develop new skills and further their careers, for instance through e-learning and distance education courses and training programs for official qualifications. In this way, ACOM is committed to cultivating a climate of learning in the workplace.

Introduction of Career Design Self-assessment Program

We provide periodical opportunities for employees to assess and submit their desired career development plans in order to support their fulfillments.

Promoting Work-Life Balance

Supporting a Balance Between Work, Child-rearing and Nursing

ACOM is enriching its programs to fully support its employees to attain balance between work, child-rearing and nursing.

In particular, ACOM extended applicable period of short working hour system for working parents to last until their children has finished the third year of elementary school from 2016. This was executed in order to enable its employees to meet the demands of work and parenting.

Supporting Next-generation Education Programs


In 2011, ACOM was accredited by the Tokyo Labor Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a General Education Provider under the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, and granted the right to display the Kurumin accreditation provider logo.

ACOM is committed to providing a safe and nurturing workplace environment which is sensitive to the needs of employees with children and which allows all employees to work to the best of their ability. To this end, the company pursues policies designed to promote an appropriate balance between work and family life.

Supporting Flexible Working Styles

ACOM has following measures in place to promote employees' work-life balances; annual paid leave by the hour in the whole company, and flex-time system in some departments.

Protecting Employee Health and Welfare

Promoting Annual Health Check-ups

ACOM is dedicated to ensuring that every employee in the company enjoys a healthy and safe workplace environment. Every year nearly 100% of the workforce undertakes an annual health check-up.

Caring for Mental Health

A mental health module has been incorporated into the curriculum of level-specific training programs to promote awareness of important mental health issues and ensure a healthy and safe working environment for all employees.

ACOM conducts stress examinations to prevent development of mental issues. Moreover, in conjunction with the ACOM Health Insurance Association, there is a dedicated health service for the benefit of employees with health issues or concerns, offering comprehensive health care delivered by public health nurses, industrial physicians and a clinical psychologist.

Measures to Prevent Excessive Work

In order to prevent excessive work, ACOM executes following measures: management on working hours by employees including supervisors, overtime hours are monitored in monthly basis; and training programs on work management to managers.


Promoting Women's Participation

ACOM has been providing opportunities to all employees regardless of gender and programs to support female employees to continue their work at times of childbirth and child-rearing. To further promote women's participation, ACOM is executing diverse measures, represented by attempt to increase female managers, to become more appealing company.

Supporting Career Enhancement

ACOM provides diverse career opportunities to support employees' career enhancement. For example, fixed-term employees are able to move up to full-time employees, and those who started their career with limited promotion opportunities can change their work course to broaden their opportunities. ACOM also provides periodical opportunities for employees to assess and submit their desired career development plans in order to support their fulfillments.

Providing Career Opportunities to Persons with Disabilities

The percentage of employees with disabilities exceed the statutory rate at ACOM. (2.19% as of April 1, 2020) We are committed to have such employees satisfied and motivated to continue working at ACOM. Therefore, we have contact points available for them should they have concerns and/or difficulties working at ACOM.

Continued Employment of Retirees

Recognizing the increasing diversity of employees' life planning, and to support workers who wish to remain active after passing the mandatory retirement age, ACOM has introduced systems for ongoing employment of employees who wish to remain employed with the company.

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