Pursue creative and innovative management utilizing digital technology

As all of society moves forward with digitization, we need to generate new value by using data and digital technology to the full, rather than just reacting to change. We are the leading company in the consumer credit market, and we have always been innovating, with things like developing “MUJINKUN,” the first automated application booths in the industry, and starting our credit card business. We will go on delivering new value, on the mindset of “surpassing yesterday’s ACOM,” unbound by conventional concepts.

SDGs Items

Main Activities and Initiatives

Main Activities Targets and Initiatives for Each Activities
Support for cashless payment Support for payment by smart phone
Realization of a new business offering “as a service type” financial services Start new business in FY March 31, 2023

Introduction of Activities


Support for cashless payment

In April 2022, the AC MasterCard issued by our company will be compatible with smartphone payments. You can enjoy shopping by holding up your smartphone with a “beep”.

The implementation of cardless transaction functions

We updated our official smartphone app in October 2021. The update allows the customer to issue their credit card as a virtual card on the app, so they can enjoy cardless shopping. For card loans, they can use the app to read a QR code displayed on a Seven Bank ATM to withdraw and deposit money there without needing a card.

Renewal of the membership site

We are raising the levels of UI and UX in our digital channels, to bring our customers even more convenience. In February 2022, we updated the design of around 40 of the screens on our membership site, to improve usability by raising visibility and ease of operation.
We will carry on working on digitalization, to provide our customers with new convenience.

Creating new business

To extend our embedded finance business, we established GeNiE Inc. in April 2022. In the future we will continue to take on the challenge of creating new businesses and services, to meet customers’ wide-ranging needs.

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