Medium-term Management Plan

Under the vision of “Meeting the expectations of all stakeholders," ACOM Group will focus on priority issues to expand its three core business areas of loan and credit card business, credit guarantee business, and overseas financial business in its medium-term management plan starting in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023, while working to enhance corporate value.

Medium-term Management Plan (2023/3 - 2025/3)

Medium-term Policy

Medium-term Policy

Capital Policy

Basic Capital Policy

  • The Company aims to further enhance return to shareholders based on solid profit and optimum shareholders’ equity in order to increase corporate value under its medium-term target.
  • With this goal in mind, the Company will strive to enhance profitability and return to shareholders while maintaining and improving financial soundness.
Basic Capital Policy Basic Capital Policy

Management Indices

  • Consolidated ROE:
    Around 10%
  • Shareholders' equlity ratio, computed using the sum consolidated total assets and guaranteed receivables:
    Around 25%
  • The company has set target of consolidated around 10%, taking target shareholders’ equity ratio, ROAs of three core businesses and shareholders’ expectation (capital cost) into comprehensive consideration.

Basic Policy on Dividend Payment

  • Aim to increase shareholder returns based on a strong earnings base and adequate shareholders' equity.
Basic Policy on Dividend Payment Basic Policy on Dividend Payment

Consolidated Business Scale and Performance Targets

  • Loans Receivable
    2,513.5 billion yen
  • Operating Revenue
    288.0 billion yen
  • Operating profit
    97.1 billion yen

Consolidated Loans Recievable

Consolidated Loans Recievable Consolidated Loans Recievable

Consolidated Operating Revenue

Consolidated Operating Revenue Consolidated Operating Revenue

Consolidated operating profit

Consolidated operating profit Consolidated operating profit

Medium-term Key Themes/Business and Functional Strategies

Strategies Themes
  • Fostering a Compliance Culture
Business Strategy
  • Enhance brand strength by rebuilding perception
  • Provide high-quality customer experience through optimization of "human" and "digital" resources
  • Challenge to create new businesses and services for next growth
  • Expand guarantee tie-ups with financial institutions and realization of guarantee tie-ups with business companies
  • Further strengthen ties with existing guarantee partners
  • Expansion into new countries
  • Expand business base in existing countries
  • Optimize debt protection system
Functional Strategy
  • Build a system infrastructure that can respond flexibly and quickly to environmental changes
  • Establish human resource base by strengthening recruitment, training, and retention
  • Increase employee engagement through permeation of vision
  • Strengthen and Expand Sustainability Promotion System and Initiatives
  • Strengthen governance by upgrading risk management
  • Create a highly productive work environment by improving operational efficiency
  • Maintain stability and improve cost efficiency by optimizing procurement methods

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