Medium-term Management Plan

Under its management vision of “strive to become the leading company in personal loan market which provides prime satisfaction to the utmost number of customers and win their trust in return,” ACOM Group has positioned its loan & credit card business, guarantee business and overseas financial business as the three core business categories and strives to increase market shares in the consumer loan market.

Medium-term Management Plan (2020/3 - 2022/3)

Medium-term Management Policy

With expeditious reactions to environmental changes, ACOM will strive for sustainable growth and increasing corporate value, while creating services which exceed customers' expectations.

Capital Policy

Basic Capital Policy

  • The Company aims to further enhance return to shareholders based on solid profit and optimum shareholders’ equity in order to increase corporate value under its medium-term target.
  • With this goal in mind, the Company will strive to enhance profitability and return to shareholders while placing maximum priority on optimizing shareholders’ equity during the medium-term management plan.
Basic Capital Policy Basic Capital Policy

Management Indices

  • Consolidated ROE:
    no less than 12%
  • Shareholders' equlity ratio, computed using the sum consolidated total assets and guaranteed receivables:
  • The company has set target of consolidated ROE no less than 12%, taking target shareholders’ equity ratio, ROAs of three core businesses and shareholders’ expectation (capital cost) into comprehensive consideration.

Basic Policy on Dividend Payment

  • Aim for enhanced return to shareholders through stable and continuous profit distribution, taking the business environment surrounding the company, shareholders’ equity and our own business performance into consideration.
Management Indices Management Indices

Consolidated Business Scale and Performance Targets

  • Loans Receivable
    2,506.8 billion yen
  • Operating Revenue
    284.2 billion yen
  • Operating profit
    91.0 billion yen

Consolidated Loans Recievable

Consolidated Loans Recievable Consolidated Loans Recievable

Consolidated Operating Revenue

Consolidated Operating Revenue Consolidated Operating Revenue

Consolidated operating profit

Consolidated operating profit Consolidated operating profit

Medium-term Key Themes/Business and Functional Strategies

Medium-term Key Themes

  1. Foster compliance culture
  2. Establish human resources basis through recruitment, education and retention
  3. Enhance customer acquisition through sophistication of screening and promotion
  4. Provide supreme customer experience by enhancing customer-reception quality and promoting digitalization
  5. Continuous scale expansion in loan and credit card business
  6. Further enhancing alliances in guarantee business
  7. Expanding basis of overseas financial business
  8. Achieve optimum credit preservation
  9. Establish IT structure capable of responding to environmental changes
  10. Establish organization with high quality and productivity through operational reforms

Business Strategy

  1. Loan and credit card business
    1. Provide product/services accommodating to changes in customer needs
    2. Credit and promotion strategies for stable customer acquisition
  2. Guarantee business
    1. Enhance alliances with existing partners
    2. Enhance profitability
    3. Increase new guarantee alliance partners
  3. Overseas financial business
    1. Research activities in ASEAN and surrounding region
    2. Enhance management structure of existing subsidiaries

Functional Strategy

  1. Digital / IT
    1. “Lending and payment” services in cashless environment
    2. Creating supreme customer experience via hyper-instant screening
    3. Promote renovation of core system
  2. Operational reforms
    1. Maintenance of operational reform promoting structure
    2. Company-wide implementation of RPA

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