Overseas Financial Business

We established businesses in Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia with a view to capitalizing on the strong growth of the retail finance sector in ASEAN markets. Those businesses have since grown to account for around 20% of the ACOM Group’s operating revenues.

In Thailand, we operate EASY BUY, a loan provider. Here, we leverage the experience and expertise of our Japanese businesses to offer unsecured personal loans under the Umay+ brand, and financing for installment sales under the EASY BUY brand. EASY BUY’s high-quality services, underpinned by its customer-first philosophy, has earned the Company a solid base of customer support.

In the Philippines, experiencing rapid economic growth, we established ACOM CONSUMER FINANCE CORPORATION in July 2017, and began operations a year later.

In Malaysia, where stable economic and population growth is expected, ACOM(M) SDN.BHD. was established in July 2021 and started its business in September 2023.

Strengths in Overseas Financial Business

Our strengths are our experience and expertise, not only in the Japanese loan business, but also our more than two decades in the Thai personal loan industry, which has enabled us to win the top share of the local non-bank category.

That bedrock of hard-won expertise underpins our entry into new countries, and allows us to establish a solid operational base relatively smoothly.

Receivables Outstanding/number of accounts at EASY BUY

Receivables Outstanding/number of accounts at EASY BUY

*1. The receivables outstanding is the sum of accounts receivable - operating loans and accounts receivable – installment.

*2. The number of accounts with receivables outstanding.

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