Overseas Financial Business

The ACOM Group has focused on ASEAN market making salient growths in retail finance sector. The Group has launched financial businesses in the Kingdom of Thailand and the Republic of the Philippines using expertise garnered from loan business in Japan.

The Group’s overseas financial business is growing steadily as shown by EASY BUY in the Kingdom of Thailand. EASY BUY has acquired the top brand position in nonbank market of Thailand. Overseas financial business now accounts for about 20% of the group-wide operating revenue.

The Group regards overseas financial business as one of significant growth domains. We will keep investigating other nations, mainly in ASEAN region, for possible business entry.

Strengths in Overseas Financial Business

The ACOM Groups’ strengths in overseas financial business include its wealth of experience in loan and credit card business in Japan. Another notable factor is business development at overseas market. The Group has successfully established top brand position in the nonbank market of the Kingdom of Thailand in its roughly 20 years course of consumer loan business.

The Group has acquired a wealth of expertise from past successes. We are now capable to secure business basis relatively quickly in business expansion in ASEAN region and business entry in new different nation.

It is also possible for the Group to use wide range of foreign network at the parent company, MUFG, and challenge new business entry through collaboration with the company.

Receivables Outstanding/number of accounts at EASY BUY

Receivables Outstanding/number of accounts at EASY BUY

*1. The receivables outstanding is the sum of accounts receivable - operating loans and accounts receivable – installment.

*2. The number of accounts with receivables outstanding.

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