Guarantee Business

In guarantee business, ACOM provide credit guarantees to customers using loan products provided by financial institutions in alliance.

Two companies within the ACOM Group - ACOM and its consolidated subsidiary MU Credit Guarantee Co., LTD. (MUCG) - conduct guarantee business. ACOM and MUCG have 55 guarantee partners in total. The number of partners for each company is 30 and 25, respectively. The 2 companies share 3 partners.

Strengths in Guarantee Business

The basic strategy in guarantee business is to limit guarantee partner to one top-tier regional bank in each prefecture in principle.

While this prevents cannibalization among regional banks, it also enables us to maintain close partnerships with partner banks. We offer detailed products and services that meet each existing partner's differing needs, contributing to competitive advantage in the business.

Moreover, the Group makes the full out of credit screening and collection expertise in loan business. Our strength also includes personnel assistance such as dispatch of expert staffs from ACOM Group.

Balance of credit guarantees/number of accounts at ACOM and MU Credit Guarantee

Balance of credit guarantees/number of accounts at ACOM and MU Credit Guarantee

From March 2014, balance of credit guarantees and number of accounts include the balance and numbers of MU Credit Guarantee Co., LTD.

*The spread of new coronavirus infections make it difficult to make a reasonable projection for fiscal year ending March 2021. Therefore, forecast for this year is undetermined.
ACOM will promptly announce the forecast once determination of forecast becomes possible.

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