Guarantee Business

In this segment, we provide credit guarantees, underwriting customers’ repayment of loans taken out with our partner financial institutions. In return, we receive fees based on the outstanding amounts.

This is a cooperative business, in which we provide support tailored to each institution’s requirements and work in tandem to achieve growth in loan products. The ACOM Group’s Guarantee Business is centered on ACOM and one of the Group’s consolidated subsidiaries, MU Credit Guarantee.

In May 2001, we initiated a credit guarantee partnership with a bank. Leveraging the wealth of expertise we had amassed through our loan business, we began providing credit guarantees for loans sold by the Hokkaido Bank. Since then, we have worked to broaden our network to include MUFG Bank, major regional banks and internet banks.

Strengths in Guarantee Business

Our basic strategy in this segment is to partner with one major regional bank in each of Japan’s 47 prefectures. While this prevents cannibalization among regional financial institutions, it also enables us to maintain close partnerships with financial institutions. We offer detailed support that meets each financial institution’s needs.

These include market analysis insights, support for promotions, marketing ideas, and workflow optimization, thus helping to build a competitive advantage. With guaranteed receivables now exceeding 10 billion yen per bank, our credit guarantee business far out-scales those of rival guarantee companies.

In addition, we offer support by seconding expert employees from our loan business to offer technical guidance at partners’ workplaces. To date, more than 150 ACOM employees have made a difference to our partners’ loan product marketing efforts, where their telemarketing know-how and help with advertising have been highly rated.

Balance of credit guarantees/number of accounts at ACOM and MU Credit Guarantee

Balance of credit guarantees/number of accounts at ACOM and MU Credit Guarantee

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